MTRI – Bat Talks in the Annapolis Valley

Lori Phinney from MTRI is giving a series of talks locally about some of the research their group has taken on in Nova Scotia during the past field season. They've done a lot of really cool work involving some interesting technology and have learned some new information about NS bat populations.
If you are interested in bats this is a talk you won't want to miss. MTRI is also looking to identify locations on private land with bat populations, if you know of any folks that might fit that criteria, please pass it along. 
This research and the outreach effort was supported by the Blomidon Naturalist Society this past Spring. 
22 October - Berwick Town Hall @7:00 PM 
23 October - Annapolis Royal - St. Lukes Anglican Church  @7:00 PM
29 October - Middleton Fire Hall @7:00 PM
30 October -  Canning Multicomplex @7:00 PM