2017 Natural History Calendar

BNS Calendar 13 Large Coloured Photographs of Local Natural History by BNS Members

Tide times for all days, Astronomical and Historical Information, Flower blooming times, etc. and here is an Example Page.

8-1/2 x 10-1/2 inches (22 x 27 cm)

Cost $15.00

To order email Harold Forsyth (902-542-5983) or you can find them in area businesses such as:

  • Herbin’s Jewellers
  • EOS Fine Foods
  • Blomidon Inn
  • Hennigars Farm Market
  • Elderkins Farm Market
  • Noggins Farm Market
  • Stirling’s Farm Market
  • Shur Gain Feeds (Port Williams)
  • The Naked Crepe Bistro

Nature Walks – Within the View of Blomidon

by Merritt Gibson
written for the BNS with Illustrations by Twila Robar-DeCoste
218 pages – Published and Distributed by B.N.S. 2006
Cost: $20.00

Nature Walks - Within the View of BlomidonTHERE are many walking trails and country roads within the view of Blomidon. There are walks across dykelands, along lakes and rivers, through different forest types, and along sandy and rocky shores. Some of my favourite walks are the trails at Blomidon Provincial Park and Cape Split for carpets of flowers in spring and migrating birds in autumn, the rocky coast at Scots Bay to explore tide pools, and the shores of the Minas Basin in August to watch thousands of sandpipers. Walking the same paths and anticipating the seasonal changes is a never-ending source of pleasure.

The title, ‘Within the View of Blomidon’, was suggested by the constitution of the Blomidon Naturalists Society, which states that the society is so-named because “many of its activities will take place within the sight of Blomidon.”

You can easily find the plants and animals mentioned in this book along public roads through wooded areas, across dyked lands, and along saltwater beaches and marshes. The world around us is full of living things. Take time to explore it.

Table of Contents
Sample Page


A Natural History of Kings County

A Natural History of Kings CountyBlomidon Naturalists Society, Wolfville, N.S. 1992 – 196 pages
Profusely illustrated and available at local bookstores or contact the BNS treasurer.
Organized in three sections:

  • Physical Character of the area
    • Physiography
    • Geology
    • Tides
    • Climate
    • Sky
  • History of Peopling the area.
    • Native Peoples
    • Acadians
    • New England Settlers
  • Wildlife Habitats
    • Rivers, Lakes, Streams and Bogs
    • Bay of Fundy
    • Minas Basin
    • Agricultural Lands
    • Forested Lands


Birds of Kings County

Birds of Kings CountyAn Annotated Checklist – 44 pages
Supplement No.1 to the Natural History of Kings County
A Checklist plus a graphical key on when the bird is in the area. Included is a map of the County with birding hot spots marked. Available in local bookstores or contact the BNS treasurer.