Kingston, NS – Christmas Bird Count Report – 2011

Kingston, N. S., 44?59’N, 64?57’W (all points within a 24-km diameter, centre intersection of Bridge and Main Streets in Kingston, as described in 1969, to include Margaretsville, Dempsey Corners, Aylesford, Nicholsville, South Tremont, Nictaux Falls, and Middleton;).


Conditions: – 29 December 2011, 07:00-17:00, 20:30-21:00.  Temperature -6 to -3? C.  Wind W to SW, 25-50 km / h.  Snow 15-20 cm deep.  Still water mostly frozen, moving water mostly open.  A.M overcast with snow flurries with strong wind; p.m., mainly sunny with strong wind.

Observer effort: 109 observers, 24* in field in 11* parties (daytime), and 85 at 55 feeders.  Time and distance: 303.0 hours at feeding stations, 0.5 hour and 12 km owling; total field party-hours 76.5 (day), and party-km 970.0* (day) (16.75 hr. and 29.0 km on foot, and 59.75 hr.* and 941.0 km* by car).

Birds observed:  American Black Duck 186, Mallard 270, Common Eider 10, Harlequin Duck 2 (5th record, SHa, RSt), Common Merganser 4, Ring-necked Pheasant 13, Ruffed Grouse 5, Red-necked Grebe 1, Turkey Vulture 1 (2nd record DCo, AC, & KCo), Bald Eagle 9a, 2i, Sharp-shinned Hawk 5, Red-tailed Hawk 10, American Kestrel 1 (6th record), Purple Sandpiper 13, Herring Gull 56, Great Black-backed Gull 4, Black-legged Kittiwake 1 (5th record, RSt), Rock Pigeon 211, Mourning Dove 359, Red-bellied Woodpecker 3* (5th record), Downy Woodpecker 56, Hairy Woodpecker 38, Northern (Y-s) Flicker 1, Pileated Woodpecker 1, Blue Jay 223, American Crow 3715, Common Raven 384 (H)*, Horned Lark 1, Black-capped Chickadee 512, Red-breasted Nuthatch 13, White-breasted Nuthatch 50 Brown Creeper 5, Golden-crowned Kinglet 4, American Robin 51, European Starling 3189, American Tree Sparrow 7, Chipping Sparrow 4, Song Sparrow 6, White-throated Sparrow 17, Dark-eyed (S.-c.) Junco 200, Lapland Longspur 1 (2nd record, P & BG), Northern Cardinal 13 (H), Red-winged Blackbird 1, Brown-headed Cowbird 48, Pine Grosbeak, 3, Purple Finch 5, Common Redpoll 1, Pine Siskin 5, American Goldfinch 845, Evening Grosbeak 28, House Sparrow 26


Total species 51, total individuals 10618.


Observed during count week but not on count day: White-winged Scoter, Long-tailed Duck, Red-breasted Merganser, Red-throated Loon, Common Loon, Horned Grebe, Razorbill (RBl), Cedar Waxwing, Eastern Towhee (PMacL).

H = high count;  * = record high total for the 44 years of this count.

Observers (field):  Ron Blackert, Larry Bogan, Ashley Colville, David Colville, Keegan Colville, Claire Diggins, Daniel Diggins, Ed & Joyce Dodd, Barbara & Patrick Giffin, Shirley Harris, Sheila L. Hulford, Brian Jones, Pam MacLachlan, Jacquie & Jonathan Muers, Gary Myers, Wayne Neily (compiler – 562 Messenger Rd., Tremont, R. R. # 6, Kingston, N. S. B0P 1R0, Daniel Penner, Twila Robar-DeCoste, Roger Short, Richard Stern, Scott Yetman;

(feeders):  Spike & Carole Allen, Ron & Sharon Baker, Patricia Bunn, Bob & Karen Campbell, Claire Campbell, David Campbell, Kathy Chapman, Tony Chaulk, John Collins, Laura Combs, Cathy Crook, Kenneth Crowell, Tom & Elizabeth Cushing, Ella & Howard Dalton, Valerie Despres, Bea Deveau, David Diggins, Harold Elliott, Muriel England, Shirley Fahie, Joan Featherstone, Bobby Featherstone, Pamela Giffin, Lloyd & Mary Lou Graham, Carol & Leonard Gregory, Dylan Gubernt, Sheila Gubernt, Mark Hamilton, Lilli Hand, Arlene Healy, Donna & Ron Hill, Patricia House, Sibella Hulford, Michael Inkpen, Jack & Karen Keddy, Don & Ruth Kelly, Cathou Laroque, Andrea Leeson, David & Tonya Ludlow, Mark MacFadyen, Mary MacMillan, Patricia MacMillan, Jason McInnis, Colleen McKinnon, Ethel McLane, Weldon Morash, Adora Parsons, John & Susan Paull, Gerry & Lillian Pellerin, Debbie Proctor-Scoville, Noreen Reagh, Mable Robar, Gail & Ron Rogerson, Shirley & Kay Sanford, Helen Sharp, Herb & Judy Snell, Ralph & Marylyn Swinamer, Barb Thompson, Charles & Doris Tye, Judy & Malcolm Uhlman, Jake Waldner, Margaret Waldner, Margot Walker, Mary Lou Ward, Audrey Wellwood, Robert Wolfe.  [Feeder Observer Co-ordinators bold-faced].

Habitat analysis was given in 1971 as: Acadian Forest 43%, cleared land, orchards, etc., 35%, villages and roads 10%, bogs and sand barrens 5%, salt water 5%, fresh water 2%.  It has not been re-analyzed in recent years.

Dedicated to four long-time feeder observers who passed away during 2011: Anne Balcomb and Avis Crowell of Middleton, Joyce Elliott of Margaretsville, and especially, Thelma Hawkins of Wilmot, who has been a regular most years since our first count in 1968.

Prepared 24 January 2012 Last revised 29 February 2012.