Nova Scotia Migration Count – Kings County, N.S.


The map above is a map of regions of Kings County surveyed in 2011. If you have comments on these regions or want to survey one on NSMC day please contact the Kings Co. Coordinator.  For a large map in PDF format click here

The Nova Scotia Count (NSMC) occurs on the second Saturday of May of every year. Counts are organized on a county basis and not in a circle boundary such as the Christmas Bird Count (CBC). The NSMC is similar to the CBC in that observers count all birds and species during one day (but there is no count week). There are also feeder watchers.  Both field observers and feeder watchers keep track of hours and distance traveled.  Numbers of each species seen are reported to the local county coordinator who then submits totals to the Provincial coordinator. There are no fees and the survey is meant for enjoyment as well as serving citizen science.  By surveying in the spring scientists get a measure of the movement of birds and their numbers.

Kings County Migration Count Results – previous years

Date for the NSMC 2018 – Saturday, May 12

The Kings County coordinator is Larry Bogan – If you wish to help with the count please contact him a 678-0446 or– Please let him know well ahead of the N.S. MC  day, what area you would like to survey.  There is no coordinator for Western Kings- Annapolis County this year.

2018 Roster of Observers

Infomation Pages:

The Nova Scotia Migration Count is a provincial-wide Survey

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