Past Events – Gallery

The Blomidon Naturalists Society was formed in 1974 and 2014 is our 40th anniversary. We celebrated with a picnic, cake and field activities in August 2014. The pictures above are some images during the event.

This was a combined trip with Canoe Nova Scotia. There were eight canoes and Kayaks which were put into the river just downstream of the bridge on South Bishop Road. We were away at 11 am after depositing cars at the take out site in Kentville. The first four kilometres of the river were wooded and very pleasant but the water was not deep and water touched bottom frequently. The lower eleven kilometres were more open and in the broad intervale between Lovett Road and Kentville.

The location of this trip is shown on the Waterways page and the lakes are part of Gaspereau Lake's southwestern extremes. This is the first trip by the BNS to this location. We drove in via a woods road off of the road to Aylesford Lake that goes south between Aylesford and Gaspereau Lakes. One could also paddle across Gaspereau Lake from Forest Home but that is a long paddle. Leader and photos: Larry Bogan