Paddling Access Directions to Local Lakes and Stillwaters

Below is a Google map marked with lines to show woods roads into access points to the lakes that are good for paddling. There are also car symbols to mark the location of the parking areas and launch sites. There are also a few stillwater paths traced on the map.
As is this is a large-scale, overall map of the area. Some paddling sites are outside this view. Pan to Hants County and Annapolis County to see other paddling locations. Once in the area zoom in to see the details of the locations. Switch to the Satellite Map for detail views of the area.

The table below is to guide you to some of the available canoeing/kayaking areas

  • Gaspereau Lake from Rt 12 near the fish ladder
  • Aylesford Lake from the Kings County beach on the west side of the lake
  • Loon Lake from the public acces on the Lake Paul road
  • Little River Lake from a road off Butler road
  • Waters below Panuke Lake from St Croix
  • North River between Aylesford and Gaspereau Lakes
  • Four and Two Mile Lakes on the west side for Gaspereau Lake
  • North and South Twin Lakes near Lake Paul
  • Shell Camp Lake through Peters Lake
  • Shell Camp Lake Stream Stillwater
  • Frog Lake in the Cloud Lake Wilderness
  • Cloud Lake from two different access points
  • East Allen Lake in the Cloud Lake Wilderness via Fales River
  • Birch Lake, a small lake with easy access, near Cloud Lake
  • Randall Lake at the north and south end – both need high clearance vehicles
  • Cornwallis River from Lovett Road to North Kentville