Listening Together Project

The Listening Together Project is a collaborative effort to observe and monitor wildlife through bioacoustics. Dr. John Kearney started this initiative to strengthen the implementation of Canadian objectives to maximize multi-species and biodiversity conservation benefits in the priority place known as Kespukwitk. Blomidon Naturalists Society will partner with this project to monitor species in our eastern Annapolis Valley region.

John gave a wonderful webinar on using bioacoustics to conserve biodiversity in April 2021. A recording of the webinar can be found here. To learn more about John’s work and the Listening Together Project, check out his website here.

The Society hopes to borrow a number of audio devices, called Audio Moths, to answer some research question. Such a question could range from “who lives here?” to “how many red-winged black birds fly through here in August?”. The AudioMoth records sounds, such as bird calls, and is then analyzed to determine which species created each noise recorded.

A number of other organizations are involved with the Listening Together Project. The Nova Scotia Nature Trust wrote a wonderful article on one of the applications of bioacoustics: searching for breeding Leach’s Storm-Petrels.

If you would like to get involved with this project, please get in touch with us at