Report: Expedition to Isle Haute

Please see our attached report, "Maskusetkik, Isle Haute: Informative Essay on Biological Inventory during 2018 Expedition", to satisfy our requirements for the BNS Fund. Thank you, again, for the funding. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to have been able to carry out the project and we know many others in the region have greatly benefited from the Fund as well. In four days on the Island we surveyed a combined 40 km, obtained more than 700 species occurrence records and added at least 62 new plant, lichen and bird species to the Island list. Thirty-one species detected are species of conservation concern. This represents the most comprehensive, highest-quality geolocation data for the Island to date. Despite this extensive inventory, it is clear that the island is a place of pronounced change with an abundance of habitat, microhabitat types and species on the edge of existence. Because of this we are continuing to search for ways to re-visit the island to continue documenting its biological treasures and carry out longer-term monitoring. You will notice that the report is quite extensive and exceeds the 300-600 word requirement. We began with 300 words but then used the opportunity to more-fully assess and discuss our findings. We hope that this does not cause any inconvenience on your end. If you would like, we could produce a summary of these findings, or, the editor(s) could judiciously choose elements of the report to include in the newsletter. We have originals of all the photos as well if any of these are desired. In fact, we have an extensive amount of specimens, photos, video and high-resolution audio recordings from the trip (including some from the major storm we weathered while there) and lots of stories to tell. We would be more than happy to give a presentation at a BNS monthly meeting to reveal a side of Isle Haute we feel the membership might not yet know. James [Churchill] and and Alain [Belliveau] Isle Haute report