Protect old forest in kentville

The BNS has learned of an area of old-growth forest being proposed for expropriation and road development in Kentville. Supporting this issue falls in line with our values and our existing work to support nature, support the Save Our Old Forests campaign, and advocate for protected areas (including the proposed Chain Lakes Wilderness Areas in southwest Kings County).

Ron Cousins of School St has received a letter asking him to sell (or it will be expropriated) 1.6 acres of a 27 acre forested parcel of land he owns. This parcel of land is in behind the water tower and School St and Prospect Street, accessed by the dirt Hiltz Connector trail, which the Town seeks to further develop and enlarge as they build out that part of town over the next years. Ron has stewarded the land, only selectively cutting in some areas, and the area slated for sale/expropriation has never been cut in his lifetime nor since or before the land was bought in the 1940s. It seems developing across his land is preferable for road flow – but at what cost! And there is an alternate route through more recently disturbed land, it seems.

The Blomidon Naturalists Society Board has sent a letter to Mayor Snow and Kentville Town Council asking that the proposed road development of the Hiltz Connector Road be amended to avoid cutting a 1.6-acre parcel of old-growth forest, as determined by naturalists and ecologists among the BNS, currently owned by Mr Ron Cousins. We urge Town Council to deny the expropriation of Mr. Ron Cousins’ land, and to uphold ecological protection in a time of biodiversity loss and climate crisis.  This could be a good win for Kentville and our local biodiversity.

You can see our letter, attached. We welcome other BNS members, especially those in the area, to send their own letters of support, if desired. There may be a need to show up to a Council meeting, too.