Protected Areas in Nova Scotia

April 2024 talk by John LeDuc, protected areas consultant and former director (retired) of the Protected Areas Branch of the Nova Scotia Department of the Environment. 

Canadian High Arctic: The Flora, Fauna and Climate Change

March 2024 talk by Dr. Zoe Panchen, plant ecologist, Acadia University Department of Biology. 

The Complex Challenge of Wildlife Conservation in Kenya

February 2024 talk by Dr. Alison Stuart, science educator and evolutionary biologist. 

The Minas Basin in the Last 200,000 years

January 2024 talk by Elisabeth Kosters, geologist, based on her forthcoming book.

The Lost Art of Cartography

December 2023 talk by Marcel Morin, cartographer, GIS analyst, graphic designer, who has worked in the field of mapping and design for the past 31 years. 

What's Up with the Seat Turtles and the Canadian Sea Turtle Network?

November 2023 talk by Kathleen Martin of the Canadian Sea Turtle Network

From Rocks to Flowers

October 2023 talk by Carol Donaldson & Howard Williams.

How the Social Life of Fishes is Influenced by Climate Warming

September 2023 talk by Dr. Suzie Curry from Acadia University

North Atlantic Right Whales

June 2023 talk by Gina Lonati

Minas Basin Geological History

May 2023 talk by Elisabeth Kosters

Bird - Window Collisions

April 2023 talk by Melissa MacDonald 

Vernal Ponds

March 2023 talk by  John Brazner

Progress Report: Protected Areas in Kings County

February 2023 talk by biologist Alain Beliveau

Manta: the Secret Life of Devil Rays

February 2023 talk by Dr. Guy Stevens, Chief Executive and Founder of the  Manta Trust, an international charity. He is also a board member of the BNS.

Why Aren't You Scared? The State of Climate Change in Our Province and the World

January 2023 talk by Oliver Baker, grade 12 student at the Northeast Kings Educational Centre, who recently attended COP 27 in Egypt.

Time for an Even Older Story

December 2022 talk by Dr. Jade Atkins, Director of Joggins Fossil Institute.

The Sun is Not an Average Star, the Earth is Not an Average Planet

September 2022 talk by Dr. Patrick Kelly, local astronomer and extensive contributor to the Blomidon Naturalists Society.

Coastal Eelgrass Beds: Hotspots for Biodiversity and Conservation

June 2022 talk by Dr. Ryan Stanley, Bedford Institute of Oceanography.

Tales from the Cryptic: Hidden Treasures and Lesser-Known Stories from the Miner's Marsh Hotspot

May 2022 talk by James Churchill, avian biologist James Churchill, and Data Manager at the Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre (ACCDC).

Biodiversity in the Jijuktu’kwejk Watershed

April 2022 talk by Keeler Colton and JonasGow of the Jijuktu’kwejk Watershed Alliance. 

Lichens of Nova Scotia

March 2022 talk by Dr Sean Haughian, Curator of Botany, Nova Scotia Museum.

Chimney Swifts in Atlantic Canada: Life History, Trends & Conservation

March 2022 talk by Rielle Hoeg, Aerial Insectivore Program Technician, Birds Canada.

Bending the Curve of Biodiversity Loss: the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

February 2022 talk by Mike Gill, Director, Biodiversity Indicators Program, Nature Serve.

Reaching 20% Protected Areas in Kings County by 2030

February 2022 talk by Alain Beliveau, local biologist and citizen scientist.