Great Places to Explore

Crystal Falls

We are blessed with so many wonderful natural places to explore in our region. Many people have walked around Miner’s Marsh or hiked to Cape Split, but there are lots of lessor known places that make for wonderful opportunities to spend time in nature across all of the seasons. Here are specific places that we have highlighted through articles in Beyond the Tides, the Blomidon Naturalists’ seasonal journal. Each locale below is linked to an article that describes in detail the directions to the trail, the noteworthy features, and the specific places to explore along the route. Realize that these articles have been written over time and thus specific directions could be out of date (check the date at the bottom of each article). We hope you will find some new places to discover below.


A simple and beautiful 4 km walk along the river, at White Rock, enjoyable in any season.

A “real” mountain to climb outside of Windsor Forks with a beautiful view, especially in the Fall.

Venture down to the Bay of Fundy shore and through the coastal forest along the way.

A pleasant 4 km walk on South Mountain to one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the region.

A short and engaging walk with lots of wildlife along the Jijuktu’kwejk (Cornwallis)  River in Waterville.

A multi-adventure extravaganza orchestratged by humans… there is an amazing echo tunnel, a waterfall, and a great picnic and swim area, with lots to do in between.

Explore the beautiful waterways of Kings County. Here’s some ideas..