About Us

At a glance

The Blomidon Naturalists Society (BNS) exists to encourage and develop understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of nature in its members and the interested public. We are an active field naturalists group & local hub for environmental conservation, nature programs, climate action, & community projects.

The BNS is organized under the Society’s Act of Nova Scotia and began in March, 1974. We have grown to over 200 individual and family memberships, and a wider reach of supporters and participants. We are directed by our Board, have many active volunteers working on issues, events, projects and committees, while staff provide coordination and support programming for BNS and Flying Squirrel Adventures.

We meet monthly at evening nature talks and at various other times for field trips, events, nature programs, community projects, courses & more.


Our Vision

The BNS is a diverse, welcoming community that works actively to recruit naturalists, and to reduce the negative impacts of humans on the natural environment through a variety of programs.

The BNS is recognized as a leader that promotes environmental sustainability in the Annapolis Valley region.

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Our Mission

To share and facilitate knowledge sharing about the natural world; to advocate for its conservation and protection; and to inspire wonder for the natural world in all age groups. We achieve this by fostering a community grounded in nature exploration, education, and stewardship. We welcome everyone who is curious and wants to share and learn together about nature.

We are centred around developing a connection to nature,...

Our History

The Blomidon Naturalists Society began in March 1974. As stated in the BNS constitution, “the primary objective of the Society shall be to encourage and develop in its members an understanding and appreciation of nature. For the purposes of the Society, the word ‘nature’ shall be interpreted broadly and shall include the rocks, plants, animals, water, air and stars.”




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For details on our people, our guiding documents, how to get involved & more, please explore our website where you will find information on our principles and our activities over the years.

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