The Blomidon Naturalists collaborates with a wide range of individuals and organizations to advance the work and encourage positive connections with and appreciation of nature. We have more formal connections and ongoing partnerships with the three organizations listed below, with whom we share core values and missions. We encourage everyone to learn about and support them as well.

The Blomidon Naturalists Society is a federate member of Nature Nova Scotia, the federation of naturalists societies and related groups across the province. We are grateful to work with Nature Nova Scotia as stewards for nature and collaborators in environmental education and conservation in Nova Scotia.

We are proud to work with naturalists societies across the province to protect nature and inspire a wonder for our natural world.


SOOF is a network of groups from across the province, led by the Arlington Forest Protection Society. We are committed to protecting our old forests in the face destructive forest practices that are diminishing biodiversity and destroying ecosystems. Individual groups are fighting for forest protection and meaningful ecological forestry in their regions. The idea of SOOF is to collaborate in the recognition that these are provincial policies and practices that need to be broadly challenged. The principle demand of the SOOF campaign is to place a moratorium on the cutting of all forests older than eighty years on Crown land. The Blomidon Naturalists are a partner in this network and committed to achieving a moratorium. We are not opposed to all forestry. We are opposed to logging forests that should be protected.

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The JWA works toward the Jijuktu’kwejk River becoming swimmable, drinkable and fishable — a cleaner, safer, and more beautiful river. Jijuktu’kwejk refers to the river which runs from Berwick into the Minas Basin, known historically as the Cornwallis or the Grand Habitant. Jijuktu’kwejk has been used to refer to the river for many hundreds of years by the First Nations people of this area.  Restoring the quality of this river starts with restoring its name, from a time when it was cared for and respected by local residents.

The Blomidon Naturalists and the JWA share a passion for appreciating and protecting the local natural area, with the JWA focusing on the watershed. The two organizations support each other in programming and fundraising wherever possible.