Citizen science

Get Involved

We love to encourage citizen science initiatives and record-keeping. The BNS helps to host various citizen science events, including bird counts, and we participate in various broader bio-blitz events and other initiatives.

Bird Counts

Learn more about our bird counts, including the annual Christmas Bird Counts and the raptor count. Find ways to get involved with global birding events and share your observations.

City Nature Challenge

An international event in the spring to share observations of nature and track biodiversity. The Annapolis Valley participates using iNaturalist and anyone can join.

Herp Atlas

The Nova Scotia Reptile and Amphibian (Herp) Atlas tracks distributions and trends of reptiles and amphibians across the province, led by the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute.

Resources & APPS


An online community of naturalists. Accessible and fun, and records can contribute to biodiversity science.


Online birding database for observations, records and science. A hub for birders of all levels to share sightings, track birds & learn!