Strategic Plan

This strategic plan serves as a guiding document for the BNS’s actions and work. It is the result of collaborative effort and will guide the work of the society over the coming years. This document is living and can and will change as deemed necessary….

The Blomidon Naturalists Society (BNS) exists to encourage and develop understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of nature in its members and the interested public. The word ‘nature’ is interpreted broadly and includes rocks, plants, animals, water, air, and stars. The BNS is organized under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia and began in March 1974. Currently, it has over 150 individual and family members. The Society is governed by a Board of Directors. The BNS is a registered charity and has conservation easement status with the province of Nova Scotia.


The purpose of the BNS is to share, and facilitate knowledge sharing about the natural world, to advocate for its conservation and protection, and to inspire wonder for the natural world for all age groups to ensure there are future generations of naturalists. We achieve this by fostering a community grounded in nature exploration, education, and stewardship. We welcome everyone who is curious and wants to share and learn together about nature.



The BNS is a diverse, welcoming community that works actively to recruit naturalists, and to reduce the negative impacts of humans on the natural environment through a variety of programs. The BNS is recognized as a leader that promotes environmental sustainability in the Annapolis Valley region.


Goal 1. Instill an increased understanding of the natural world within members and the general public.


We will achieve this by:

  • Providing free, public, monthly meetings
  • Organizing monthly field trips that highlight some aspect of the natural world
  • Organizing outdoor nature programs geared to specific audiences, especially children and youth
  • Organizing intensive nature workshops
  • Communicating natural history information effectively with Annapolis Valley regional residents through media such as Facebook, a monthly web newsletter, print newsletter, etc

Goal 2. Develop citizen science projects involving BNS members and interested public.



We will achieve this by:

    • Creating a framework to support volunteer-led environmental projects
    • Continuing with current citizen science projects
    • Seeking funding to carry out local conservation initiatives
    • Continuing to work collaboratively with other groups and organizations to protect and support our environment

Goal 3Strive to become an equitable, diverse, and inclusive organization.



We will achieve this by:

    • Educating ourselves by holding workshops about environmental racism and barriers to connecting to nature
    • Developing a strategy to ensure participants are welcomed to BNS events—especially new members to the monthly meetings
    • Seeking connections with the local Mi’kmaq community
    • Actively working to build alliances with like-minded groups interested in nature, conservation, and the environment in the Valley
    • Growing diversity in our participants, board members and staff

Goal 4. Act as a steward of nature.



We will achieve this by:

    • Continuing to work collaboratively with other groups and organizations to protect and support our environment
    • Conducting litter clean-ups
    • Supporting legal actions to protect nature
    • Ensuring that our work recognizes and addresses the threat to nature caused by the biodiversity crisis and the climate emergency.

Goal 5. Maintain financial sustainability.



We will achieve this by:

    • Applying for funding to support specific programs
    • Having a voluntary paid membership
    • Actively seeking donations
    • Maintaining a strict fiscal policy

Our Guiding Documents

These documents evolve over the years, and are accepted by the membership at our Annual General Meeting,

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Strategic Plan

Accepted 2021.

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BNS By-Laws

Amended November 2022