Climate Connections

Educational resource coming Soon...

The Blomidon Naturalists Society is working with How We Thrive and many other partners and collaborators to develop a resource for making sense, making change, and walking together through stormy weather.

The climate crisis is not just about the weather—it is also about food, energy, water, social justice, other species, the economy, and how we live together on this land. This many-faceted crisis is too big to ignore or tackle alone, and yet it also impacts our everyday lives and urgently calls for our attention. The more we can make sense and take action together, the more likely we will be able to stay positive, make good decisions, and protect our shared future.

This will be a modular resource that supports climate learning, connection and action, and that will be freely available to individuals, groups and communities in our region. This resource will give you tools for understanding the complex, interconnected issues that impact you and your community. It will help you move from overwhelm to seeing where you have the power to make a difference.