Annapolis Valley Climate Action Mapping Project

We are the hope we need

When it comes to the topic of climate change, many find it overwhelming, distant, or frightening to talk about. There is a prevailing but flawed belief that someone else will ultimately take on the responsibility of rescuing us all.  


The truth is, as a unified community, we represent the most promising hope in saving our planet. However, many of us remain unsure about what can be done to help or how to support the actions of others. Climate mapping offers inspiration, positive role models, and places to learn and act.

The Climate Action project

The Climate Action Project is an interactive digital map designed to provide individuals with inspiration and hope regarding climate action in their communities. The online platform serves as a hub of information, showcasing various climate action initiatives taking place within the Annapolis Valley, allowing users to narrow down searches based on location, type of action, and more. Each initiative featured on the website has a dedicated profile, providing in-depth information about the organization or community member leading the effort. These profiles highlight the goals, achievements, and success stories of the initiatives, accompanied by photos and videos. The Climate Action Project aims to instill a sense of motivation and optimism among its users, transforming the narrative of climate change from one built on fear and confusion, to community pride and innovation. 


The inspiration for this project emerged from the discussions that took place during Climate Circles, a weekly program hosted by the Blomidon Naturalists Society in which community members gathered on all things related to climate change: learning, grief processing, activism, local mitigation and adaptation project planning, and more. By providing people with a space to explore and engage in conversations about climate action, it was evident that people were seeking a digital space that could collect the momentum and be shared with others.

The Climate Action Project is about building climate optimism, which focuses on the meaningful efforts that are already happening in our communities while summoning the personal power to be a part of that change. Taking significant steps towards a healthy planet comes in many different sizes and types of action, and each one has the power to inspire hope within all of us. Join the Climate Action Map today to discover, contribute, and be part of the positive change happening in your community.

Explore the map!

Explore the map, get inspired by the stories, and take action too!