Annual Impact & Reporting

Every year at our Annual General Meeting in November, we review the year’s activities. We compile impact reports and records, and capture the diversity and wonder of BNS programming over the years!


Here is the report to the Annual 2023 BNS Meeting which was provided by the President as a means to highlight 2023 activities.



The Blomidon Naturalists held many activities (enumerated below) and worked on various initiatives: The BNS supported, financially and in other ways, the campaign to save Owls Head Provincial Park from development. There was, and continues to be, work surrounding Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) identification and mitigation in Kings. On November 1st, 2021, the BNS responded to new legislation, Bill 57-Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act. Many within BNS felt the Bill was not robust enough to adequately tackle climate and environmental crises, despite some promising aspects of the legislation. In early December, 2021, the BNS responded to the new provincial policy on old-growth forests. Many from the board felt that this policy was not strong or expansive enough to protect our old-growth forests and biodiversity, and that it would be far stronger as legislation (versus policy).