Call for Photos: 2015 BNS Natural History Calendar

Starting July 24, 2014 - Ending September 1, 2014

Photo submissions are invited for possible use in the 18th edition of our society’s Natural History Calendar. Submissions should be in electronic form: JPEG format, with file size between 300 kB and 3 MB.


Photos should be of natural history interest, preferably taken in Nova Scotia. Please submit no more than ten (10) of what you consider to be your most suitable photos.


Suitability involves technical quality (sharp focus, not under- or over-exposed), composition (object of interest nicely positioned, no distracting background), content (a photo that calendar users will enjoy looking at for a month), and one that is not too similar to photos appearing in recent BNS calendars.


Send submissions to


Roy Bishop

RR 1, Avonport, NS  B0P 1B0



Deadline for submissions: Labour Day, September 1.


Calendar Committee:

Sherman Williams

Pat Kelly

Roy Bishop



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